Dear Customers,


NET Food Joint Stock Company (NETFOOD Jsc) was established in 2008. The word “NET” is formed by 3 words N (Nutrition – nutrition), E (Easy – easy), T (Tasty – delicious) – This is NETFOOD’s business orientation to bring consumers delicious, convenient and nutritious products.

Breakfast is not just a meal, it’s the most important fuel source of the day. Breakfast not only provides nutritional deficiencies after 8 hours without eating, but also replenishes energy for a new day. Therefore, breakfast must not only be delicious and convenient, but it must also supplement essential nutrients for the body. To solve this problem, at NETFOOD, we have effectively exploited a valuable source of nutrition from grains, combined with minimized processing technology transferred from the United States (HTST). micronutrient losses due to cooking. The creative combination between American technology and Vietnamese cuisine has created breakfast cereal pieces not only full of nutrients but also delicious, crispy, fragrant and very convenient for an active life.

At NETFOOD we apply, deploy and control synchronously and strictly in production process according to ISO 22000: 2005. Every employee understands the importance and impact of the work I am doing on product quality. They not only perform well the production engineering process, but also have the ability to prevent hazards, improve the quality of work to ensure that customers are given safe, nutritious and delicious products mouth.

With the mission of pioneering in providing consumers with balanced nutritious breakfast, NETFOOD’s people are dedicated, creative and innovative to have unique, nutritious and convenient products to enrich the Customer’s selection. Join NETFOOD to build a healthy nutrition culture in each meal for you and your family.

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1.1 Vision:

NET is the leading food company in Vietnam, Netfood brand is the number one choice of consumers with nutritional food.

1.2 Mission

Provide consumers with nutritional products – convenient – delicious.Create a good working environment for employees to live in prosperity, dedication and recognition.To bring about reasonable and sustainable profits for investors and partners.Contributing to building a more prosperous, happier society.


1.3 Core values:


Netfood‘s reputation is at the forefront, turning prestige into a sharp competitive weapon. Biona staff always try to prepare the ability to execute, to do their best to ensure the right and higher commitment to customers and partners.




Netfood  identifies the mind as the basis of all actions. A sustainable enterprise staffs always understand their duty and value to act integrity, respect the law, positive thinking, always act in the interests of the company, customers  and partners.





Netfood considers creativity to be the most important weapon in creating distinct values; elevate the spirit of dare to think dare; Encouraging research, continuous improvement, application of scientific advances, techniques and new technology into the operation of enterprises, considering the satisfaction of customers is a measure of success.





Any job has its own difficulties, must act and at a rate that surpasses that of a new competitor. Success does not mean speed, for Netfood  the speed must be on the basis of the source. force plus drastic deployment.





Respect yourself, Respect your colleagues, Respect the Company, Respect the Partners, Cooperation in the respect.





Be fair to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.




Technology transfer certificate

ISO 22000: 2005 certificate

ISO 22000: 2005 certificate

Certificate of food safety conditions Vietnam food administration - MOH