The recruitment process of Net Food Joint Stock Company follows 6 steps:

Step 1: Notice of recruitment

After completing the preparation for recruitment, the company will announce the recruitment for the candidates to know. This notice must be concise, concise, but the basic contents are transmitted to candidates in the best way.

Job announcements can be announced on the company’s main page, social media announcements, groups, forums, or announcements via newspapers, TV channels, etc.

Step 2: Collect and conduct selection of records

After the recruitment notice will receive the profile of the candidates loaded to HR. Selecting records: the company based on the requirements of the job set, and based on the candidate’s profile on qualifications, qualifications, health, … to select a certain amount of records. This work is always conducted transparently and fairly.

Step 3: Preliminary interviews and multiple choice tests

After filtering the profile, the company conducts the interview schedule and contacts the selected candidates. The company review and re-evaluate the candidate’s information in the application, and will be another step to remove inappropriate records.

Tests and quizzes will help the company evaluate the actual qualification of candidates. Can test IQ, test foreign languages, specialized knowledge, … then find excellent candidates. This process is also closely monitored and fair.

Step 4: Selection interview

At this step, the company will re-evaluate the qualifications of the candidates’ qualifications to suit the job or not. In this process, the company will ask questions to exploit the capabilities, potentials and skills of the candidates.

In addition, the candidates will be provided by Netfood with information about the working regime, salary, benefits, requirements of the job, … and the candidate will decide whether to work with the company or not.

Step 5: Time trial probation

After selecting the best candidates through the selection rounds and interviews, the candidates will be admitted to the probationary probation. This is a difficult time with many challenges for candidates to show their abilities.

Netfood closely monitored the probationary process of the candidates, from which the final decision was made.

Step 6: Recruitment decision

After the recruitment process, Netfood makes the final decision whether to select the candidate or whether the candidate will know whether he is suitable for this job or environment to make a decision to leave or stay. When officially hired, they will become company employees. The last job is the two parties will sign the contract. And the responsibility of employers is now to answer new employees’ questions about the most basic information related to employees.


Human strategy

Netfood always considers human resources as a core factor and a valuable asset. With the philosophy of “Localization”, Netfood facilitates indigenous employees to work, master complex process technologies, deeply participate in management chains, … can take key positions when possible. The deep participation of personnel from different cultures, complementing each other to form a solid foundation to bring Netfood to new heights.

Netfood always seeks to attract and retain capable and honest employees. There is a clear orientation through competitive remuneration policies and great career development opportunities in the food sector. The recruitment goal of the Company is to attract and welcome all candidates who wish to work in a dynamic, fast, creative and effective environment – where each individual can maximize their potential and professional knowledge, rights to work, dedication, development and honor of workers and a harmonious combination between the interests of enterprises and the interests of workers.

Netfood understands that every employee is a potential factor for the company’s growth and progress.

Therefore, we monitor and evaluate prospective and talented employees at all levels to provide support, training, mentoring, and create conditions for them to become future leaders of Netfood.


Training & Development Policy

On the basis of the personnel plan, Netfood’s training department will build courses inside and outside the business related to the skills and professional knowledge needed for the job. Training courses are designed appropriately for each trained subject.


Some basic training programs such as: (1) for new employees joining our goal is to equip basic knowledge to quickly integrate into Netfood environment, (2) for personnel The potential for key people we create conditions for them to work in different positions in different localities to enhance their adaptability and decision making, (3) In addition, we have There are ongoing training courses offered to all staff levels to ensure they continue to carry out their work effectively and progressively.


In the process of training employees, they are fully entitled to policies as in the process of working. Human resources participating in training not only have the ability but also the passion and desire to build a common house Netfood.


Wife Welfare Regime

Netfood’s development orientation and policies towards Netfood’s goal of becoming an ideal workplace with good work, growth, sustainable development and equally important is remuneration policy and attractive welfare regime with competitive fixed salary and rich forms of benefits.

Every month in addition to the fixed salary, the employees depending on the job characteristics will receive fixed allowances such as gasoline allowance, phone allowance, overtime allowance, toxic allowance , rent allowance, transfer allowance …

The bonus policy of Netfood ensures that employees with good achievements will be rewarded with the 13th monthly salary policy and bonus policy according to KPIs, salaries, salaries and salaries.

In addition, the benefits of Netfood are diversified to meet the needs of all employees such as childbirth allowance, retirement allowance, vacation day, health care and vehicle support. travel, remuneration regimes for employees with high achievements, ..

All welfare compensation policies are built towards the goal of motivating and motivating employees to work hard to assert themselves and develop their careers.


Netfood culture

In our commitment to excellence, we are guided by a set of values ​​that define who we are






Netfood evaluates honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards.




Netfood tries to excel in everything we do.