NETFOOD has been transferred the whole technology of cereal production from GMB United States

26/07/2018 07:14:27

On July 5, 2018, GMB – America’s leading Food Company and NET Food Joint Stock Company (Netfood., JSC) have carried out a comprehensive transfer of cereal production technology to promote Production process of breakfast cereal lines according to international standards in Vietnam.

Under the agreement, GMB transferred NETFOOD intellectual property rights to NETFOOD branded cereal cakes. This is an important premise for NETFOOD to produce breakfast cereal products following the trend of the future with the latest technology.

Mr David Steel – Chairman and General Director of GMB believes that NETFOOD will develop effectively the US cereal production technology in Vietnam.

In addition, NETFOOD will exploit the strengths of GMB in most stages of the value chain of food production from research and product development to production. At the same time, NETFOOD will also work closely with GMB in the process of product research and development, thereby bringing the world’s most modern technologies into food production.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Ngo Dao Am – General Director of Netfood said: “NETFOOD’s cooperation with US leading food company GMB shows NETFOOD’s determination in its efforts towards tri-based production. knowledge and science, contributing to improving the performance of Vietnam’s economy. We are still working with the world’s leading partners, looking for good professionals, and completing the equipment line to produce food. NETFOOF will contribute to promoting the development of Vietnam’s Cereal industry and bringing the Vietnamese brand to the world ”.

The event signed with GMB marked an important first step of NETFOOD in the production of breakfast cereals branded KOKOMAX, CORN FLAKES, HONEY STARS are the first Vietnamese brands, showing the nation’s trust. for NETFOOD’s potential project. In the future, NETFOOD will continue to make efforts to find reputable and suitable partners to stand side by side in the journey of producing Vietnamese brand breakfast cereal, international quality standards.